The Ghost Engine #4, Page 21-25

by EricZ March 15, 2013


New Feature @ Bleeding Cool

by DannyDjeljosevic January 8, 2013
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Over the holidays, Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool was kind enough to devote his site to giving indie comics folk a space promote their projects, so we got in touch and he asked us to write a thing about The Ghost Engine, explaining who we are and how we got here. I made sure to not make it too weird or off-putting (there’s only one intentional Outkast reference).

Read the article at Bleeding Cool.¬†Looks like it got us a lot of attention hit-wise, and I hope y’all stick around if you’re one of those people that came in from the Cool.

So thanks Rich, and thanks errrbody for reading. Hope you enjoy the final chapter.


New Interview @ Evan Yeti

by DannyDjeljosevic November 29, 2012
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Mat from the webcomic Evan Yeti interviewed us as part of his blog’s weekly Web Artists Wednesday feature.

I dunno about Eric, but this is actually my first interview as “guy who makes comics” so I’m pretty stoked to have somebody vaguely interested in what I have to say about things.

Go read the interview here and get some extra insight into what our brains are like, who we’d cast in a purely hypothetical Ghost Engine movie and our advice for aspiring creators. Also, jokes. Always jokes.


Process Blog #13: Eric Does Too Much Extra Work

by EricZ September 28, 2012
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It’s been a while since we’ve had a process blog post. Me and Danny have been very busy trying to keep the comic up to date (haven’t missed a page deadline yet!) as well as working on various other projects.


I don’t have much to show today. I’ve just basically got an example of all the work I put into a page that you guys don’t get to see due to the ghost overlay and dialogue balloons. This is part of page 1 of Chapter 3 before all that important stuff goes in.



Basically, I do too much extra work that goes unseen!

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