What Our Schedule is Going to be Like

by EricZ March 29, 2012
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For everyone who’s been stopping by over the last couple of days, thanks for checking out the site! We’ve worked out almost all the kinks and I have to say that it’s very gratifying to see all our long hours of work on the project finally seeing the light of day.

Our plan for this site is to update two pages and one or two blog entries a week. It’ll break down like this:

  • Monday – Comic Page
  • Wednesday – Process Blog (with Danny and Eric alternating every week)
  • Friday – Comic Page

Expect the blogs to be details about our process or whatever we feel like rambling on about concerning this crazy comics medium that we all love so much. Please feel free to let us know what you think. We love hearing feedback.


Website – A Work in Progress

by DannyDjeljosevic March 23, 2012
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Hi there!

The Ghost Engine makes its official debut on April 2, 2012, but until then we’re posting some promotional material and putting the finishing touches on the website.

In the meantime, why don’t you check out all those social media type buttons to your left so you can keep connected and know when a new page goes up? You know you want to.

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