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Process Blog #12: Ghost FX

by EricZ June 20, 2012

This week I’m going to go over how I put together some FX. Part of this blog is a preview of Friday’s page. Everything I do is with Photoshop CS5.




FX Layers - Ghost


Danny’s script for this page involved a conversation between Becky and our friendly apparation, William Bark, as they walked through the Maestro lab. Because of the specific style I went with when portraying ghosts, I have to draw the full backgrounds behind them.


FX Layers - Ghost


I then turn that layer off and draw Bark on a separate layer. In the layers I have a ‘Ghost’ group that contains the line-work, the color fill and the color rendering.


FX Layers - Ghost


I add a Layer Style glow to the fill layers. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to mask off where the glow leaks into other panels. Does anybody have a solution for this?


FX Layers - Ghost


Because I can’t figure out how to mask off where the glow leaks into other panels, I rasterize the fill layers and just chop off the excess glow.


FX Layers - Ghost


I then use a couple of grey multiply layers and a 20% opacity white layer to do some color rendering. I use color fill layers a lot because it allows me to easily change work I’ve done and I don’t have constantly check a color palette because the palette is engraved in the layer.


FX Layers - Ghost


Here I’ve brought back the rest of the panel.


FX Layers - Ghost


And here I’ve reduced the opacity of the entire Ghost layer group to 85%.

  • Zach Friedberg

    Poste in the wrong window. Anyways, Eric, try using a clipping mask to eliminate shadows extending beyond the panel.

    • http://www.theghostengine.com/ Eric Zawadzki

      Hey, Zach! Thanks a lot! I never knew about clipping masks. I just played with it for a couple minutes and I’m so far having problems affecting the glow while it’s still a raster. This requires a bit of playing around. Thanks for steering me in the right direction, though!

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